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Why should you choose WordPress for your next website?

Open source Content Management Systems make it possible for new business to make their own mark in the economy faster than they ever could before. Most websites do not require endless hours over HTML codes or launching complex software like Dreamweaver to make them a reality. WordPress changed all that. The CMS allows new website owners to create websites like the pros and manage them as well. Content Management Systems come with a host of site building tools and web hosting services so it isn’t surprising why most new business owners would jump at the chance of using them to establish their online presence.

Why WordPress?

One of the most convenient aspects of WordPress is that it is easy to install. The website’s QuickInstall option makes sure of that. Once the software is up and running it can also be used even by the most inexperienced webmaster. Needless to say, the platform is a great solution for both beginners and veteran website owners. The following are other reasons why the CMS is such a popular choice for website owners, both potential and otherwise.

Easy Website Management

The purpose of a CMS platform is to make website management easy and WordPress comes out on top all the time. It initially started off as a blogging website. This is exactly why the pages and posts can be modified through simple user interfaces. Even a staff member who does not have a technical background can manage his/her company’s website through WordPress without a hitch. Of course, WordPress websites also allow experienced programmers to make technical modifications to their website through theme codes if they desire a more enhanced experience.

User Access

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of WordPress websites is that they allow different levels of user access. The types of users that are allowed access to such websites are divided into editors, contributors, authors, administrators and subscribers. It is easy to see why. There is no reason why a website owner should allow everyone to visit his web pages. This would also allow him more control over his online operations, include access rights that require users to go through certain security levels and therefore minimize the risk to his website.

A WordPress website provides a great alternative to spending thousands of dollars on web design. How? The platform has an almost endless amount of themes that it offers to users at their disposal. The platform includes everything from simple to complex web designs. In other words, it has everything that a potential website owner would need no matter the type of online business he expects to promote. Some of the themes are free while the more complex templates cost a fee. However the price range is modest which makes design modifications a reality for anyone using the platform.

The basic installation of WordPress is free which makes it a great CMS for anyone who starts a new business and wants to establish its online presence. The plethora of themes and management tools available make this possible faster.

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