April 25, 2014

Reasons WordPress and Bootstrap are a Great Combination

When developing a website or blog, one of the most difficult things to do is to get the code to work well across all available browsers. Twitter’s Bootstrap is an open source solution that does just that. When combined with WordPress, the results are amazing. To understand why these two are a great combination, let’s look at both WordPress and Bootstrap to understand why the sum is greater than its parts.

Understanding the Advantages of WordPress

The WordPress community is thriving. Even though it started out as a blogging platform, it has grown in stature to power some of the most popular websites on the Internet. The reasons for this are simple: it is easy to use and it looks great when people come to visit.

Those two simple reasons are why more website owners are using WordPress than ever before. Because it is so simple to update and the design templates create a sense of consistency across the entire website, owners are able to add content or tweak their presentation without delays and without creating ‘glitches’ within the website design.

When website owners want to do an upgrade, they aren’t forced to stick with the previous company who designed their website. The many different plug-ins and design ideas are readily implemented by a whole cadre of Internet developers. In short, WordPress is a great value that can be customized and expanded to accurately represent your brand.

Using Twitter’s Bootstrap to Deliver Across Platforms

Bootstrap is designed to build a great interface for your web readers to interact with. With very liberal licensing terms, web developers are able to operate with a great deal of creative freedom. In most cases, all that Twitter requires is an acknowledgement that you have utilized their toolkit to create workable apps and themes for your website.

Bootstrap is touted as a toolkit to build ‘responsive’ websites. For most people, responsive means that the site loads quickly and looks great no matter what the screen resolution is on your visitors computer. Since more people are surfing the web on their mobile phones and tablets, users get a great look across all devices.

Bootstrap contains fonts and helps develop customized themes that easily change a basic website from mediocre to dynamic. Since first impressions really matter on the web, Bootstrap makes it possible for even novice developers to develop, update, and present their company or brand in the best possible light.

The Combination: WordPress Plus Bootstrap

On its website, WordPress features a wide variety of themes. Even though these themes are often either free or very affordable, a great website should have its own distinctive theme that really sets it apart from the competition. Bootstrap is an easy to use program that lets you develop the look with the responsiveness that you want that easily converts to a fantastic WordPress website.

Both programs have oodles of free code and templates available. Instead of paying out thousands of dollars, you can have a website that is clearly organized and ready to upload any type of media. No matter what type of theme your WordPress website has, the Bootstrap code is easily integrated.

When using Toolkit, developers find that they spend more time creating the website than debugging the code. With many different Javascript packages, layouts, and font modules that are easily dragged onto the WordPress website, it is extraordinarily simple to experiment with a variety of functions and looks. The combination solidly brings website development into the hands of people who are just starting out.

Twitter Bootstrap provides an exceptional framework for WordPress websites and blogs. The two place the power of development firmly into the hands of the users.