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SEO through High Quality Content

For anyone who is familiar with online marketing, it is common knowledge that SEO has come a long way. From keyword stuffed pointless text to the high-quality original content with substantial information, Search Engines have greatly evolved over the last decade. While major search engines, including Google, have always strive to rank according to the relevancy as well as quality, evil geniuses of the black-hat SEO world have always managed to find holes in the algorithm (Only to stuff it with keywords).

While both the Panda and Penguin updates introduced some major changes to the algorithm, there never has been a change as huge as the latest ‘Humming Bird.’ It is the first time that ‘quality’ has literally got behind the steering wheel of the search engines. So, if quality was not your SEO priority, it better be now.

How Do the Search Engines Define Quality?

What is ‘quality’ content?

It is one of the age old debates Google finally put to an end.  With Humming Bird, Google has not declared quality as its major concern; it has also specified how exactly it defines quality. Google has officially made it clear that it will not prefer content that is:

  • Search engine friendly but not user friendly
  • Deceptive for the users
  • Crammed with black-hat SEO tricks
  • Unoriginal, dull or invaluable

It is quite clear that Google wants the content to be original, engaging, and user focused. It must be able to provide valid and valuable information to the readers. This is what quality is all about. And Google has also set certain matrices to calculate the quality of a content, social sharing and organic back links for instance.

How Can You Create Quality SEO Content?

To please the Search Engine, you now have to please your users first. So, here are a few tips that can help you with SEO through high-quality content.

Know Your Readers

Up till now, online content for the most part revolved around the service or product. Now, it must focus on readers. Identify their problems and present a solution. Instead of telling them that you are offering the best product in the market, tell them why your product is the best for them. All this requires extensive market research. You need to learn about your readers’ interest, their worries, problems and their goals.

Learn from Users

There is a reason Google has finally abandoned the keyword tool; machine can never replace humans. While keywords are still important, keyword tool was only partially helpful in describing what your users are looking for. Your prospects may have their own way of describing your product or service, and it can be considerably different than how you describe it. So, instead of relying on automated tools, learn directly from the user through forums, discussion boards and even the social media feedback.

Stay Ahead!

When it comes to SEO through high quality content, uniqueness and originality are the keys to competitiveness and success. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to step out of the rat race. Take the lead by stop following others. Think of a content strategy that is completely out of the box. Provide information that is hardly available anywhere else and answer questions no one else has yet bothered to answer.

In conclusion, SEO through high quality content is all about infusing art with science. Learn the art of captivating and engaging your users and let the new SEO science take care of the rest.

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