Our Process

The production process is broken into 4 phases: Content Collection, Design, Revisions, and Launch.

1. Content Collection

This phase can be the most difficult part, unless you are using our CONTENT CREATION SERVICES. Because content has a large influence on the design, during this phase the Design Firm will concentrate its effort on the implementation the content management system and any other features requested from the FEES section. Not much design work is done during the content collection phase.

2. Design Phase

During this phase the Design Firm will work with your content provided to create an modern, professional, and attractive website. Once the prototype is completed the Design Firm will schedule an in-person meeting at which the design will be revealed to the client for the first time.

3. Revisions Phase

Once the prototype is revealed the 3rd phase begins the Revisions Phase. Every design or content request includes 2 proofs or revisions. During this phase the client is to offer feedback on the prototype and submit a request for revisions. The client may do this 2 times, after 2 times charges will be added to the final invoice.

4. Launch Phase

Once all revisions have been made and it is time to publish the website to the hosting account and the Web. Every design or content request includes 2 proofs or revisions. A round of revisions is defined as the collection of all of the client’s feedback, content changes, and any modification requests organized and submitted at one time as a request for the design team to produce another proof including the modification requested to be applied to the current version on the website.

There is no limit to the number of items in each request, the limit is on the number of times the client can submit the revision requests, so make them count. After the 2rd proof or round of revisions, changes are made at $35 per hour, charged in minimum 15 min increments. Design Firm retains the right the reject incomplete and/or disorganized content and/or instructions.