Add Link Anchors to WordPress Using a Simple Shortcode

If you have ever tried to put an ID tag on an element in your WordPress content editor, you would know that getting WordPress to retain an ID is hard to do sometimes. In most cases there is no need for an ID tag, but what do you do when you want to use an Anchor Tags ?

So, I have found that the best to use anchors is to pass a DIV with an ID using a Shortcode. An Anchor Shortcode can especially come in handy when tiring to add Anchor Tags to your WordPress Site.

Let’s create an Anchor Tag Shortcode. Paste the following into your theme’s functions.php file, or into your functionality plugin if you’re using one.

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Why Good Website Design Matters And What It Says About Your Business

Whether It’s The Visual Appeal or the Professional Touch, a Good Website Design Can Attract Users and Keep Them Glued! A good web design along with striking colors and killer content can act more than mere cherry on top. Few people understand that a striking web design not only attracts customers, but also gives them a glimpse into your business vision and credibility.

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