About Iconix Marketing – Houston Texas

I’m Derrick Dedmon owner and lead designer of Iconix Marketing and for more than 16 years I have been a Graphic and Web Designer. I got my start in the production department of my local newspaper designing and completing layouts for the Vicksburg Post. From there I want on to work as a Graphic Designer in the printing industry working directly with client to design a large variety of marketing materials and brand identities all the while designing websites as a freelancer. I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Public Relations from Ashford University mastering of all aspects of marketing and public relations, which include advertising, branding, and corporate communications combined with all of my 16 years of real world experience. I am an expert in PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and WordPress theme development. Working with a web designer that offers services expanding to more than just web design, is just what you need.

Iconix Marketing has been in operation since 2008. By choosing to take advantage of our services, you’re getting a combined design and web experience. Based in Houston, Texas, Iconix Marketing provides small businesses with a ready-made marketing firm as well as expert advice on quality printed and promotional items, while giving them a prominent corporate identity. At the end of the day what you get is a flow in your projects that is efficient in addition to being cost-effective.

What makes it ideal for small companies looking to compete with established businesses, is the fact that it’s CMS (content management system) can make self-maintaining a business website with a few hundred pages, a real breeze. It’s easy to use and free of cost; you don’t need extensive IT knowledge to benefit from it. WordPress does not need HTML software and is very search engine-friendly.

Some of the best web designs are attractive and eye-catching. They help develop a long and lasting brand image and generate new leads. A great web design provides valuable information to prospective and existing customers that are easily accessible.

Iconix Marketing offers web hosting and maintenance plans at unbeatable prices; at least 50% less than competing businesses. You also get to avail email marketing campaign designs to meet your sales goals and get consultation on how to effectively incorporate internet networking and blogging. After having your website up and running, it’s crucial to maintain it professionally; Google and other search engines are fond of indexing sites that are constantly evolving and well-maintained.

Iconix Marketing understands the importance and underlying essence, and provides you with the tools you need to get ahead. Localized SEO is important to Houston businesses, but businesses must make good SEO firm choices. Iconix Marketing, your local Houston web design company, knows that Google and other search engines love to index sites that are always evolving and well maintained.

With Iconix Marketing, you get tools that allow you to undergo major website overhauls or simply do a tune-up or two. Enjoy cutting edge HTML 5, CSS and Flash to bring your business idea and web page design in the limelight. In case you wish to get your message out there using other mediums like print, you can fully lean on Iconix Marketing to get you the goods.

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