August 5, 2013

8 Reasons WordPress is the Best Content Management System

WordPress took the online business scene by storm ever since its advent in 2003 and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It is easy to see why. WordPress is hailed as one of the most efficient platforms to run websites owing to a user friendly content management system. Some of the many benefits of the platform’s CMS (content management system) include the following:

1) A Boon for New Businesses

This is also what makes it a staple choice for small companies hoping to make a mark for themselves and compete with established brands. For instance the CMS can make it possible for a business website with a few hundred pages to maintain itself on the web.

2) Easy to Use

A business owner does not even need to have extensive knowledge in IT to operate a WordPress website. If you can set up a Facebook account, send an email or use Microsoft Word you are good to go.

3) Its Free!

And if it isn’t free it is cheap. An account on the platform is free while a theme might cost you $100. This is a far cry from the exorbitant amount that other platforms charge users for the same.

4) Self Contained Software

Since WordPress is a self contained system it does not require HTML editing software like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contributor to run it. This means that users an easily create new blog posts, web page, upload images, videos or image galleries and even format text right on WordPress.

5) Search Engines Love it too

The more optimized your content is the better are your website’s chances of being picked up by search engine spiders. A WordPress website is even more so. A simple code makes it easier for search engines to read and index such a website’s content. WordPress also allows for meta-tag keywords on each web page which promotes precise optimization.

6) More Control

Since a WordPress website does not require editing software to run website owners can easily update it. This is a better alternative to web developers who have a tendency of delaying updates.

7) More Templates than you can Imagine

The platform has no shortage of templates, that’s for sure. There are thousands that website owners can choose from in both the free and paid variety. Of course, the paid variety offers more comprehensive designs than the free ones but they are still cheaper than what web developers charge for the same.

8) Plugin Galore

Most plugins in WordPress are free and allow website owners to update their websites with a variety of content. This can include adding a video gallery, Facebook page, Twitter feed, event calendars and more items on their web pages. Imagine the potential of a WordPress page for businesses!

The best part is that since the platform is scalable it can accommodate hundreds and even thousands of blog posts without compromising the technical integrity of a business website. Set up multiple users for your website and assign capabilities and access levels to each user.

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