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Getting A Website is the First Things A Business Needs

A professional website is the most important sales and advertising tools your business can have. Your website is where many potential customers learn about your company, make their purchasing decisions, and form their first impressions of your business. According to Internet World Stats, 74.2% of Americans are internet users. With so many potential customers coming from the internet, business owners are being forced change their thinking from “Can I afford to hire a professional web designer?” to “Can I afford not to?”

Iconix Marketing, located in Houston, Texas, specializes in helping you promote your small business through informational and E-Commerce sites. We design your website using HTML, CSS, Flash designs, and modern, standard best practices. Our goal is to create a website that meets your business’s individual needs, whether that is a new site for a start-up business or a fresh, new look for an established business. Our web designers are experts at creating dynamic applications, databases, registration applications, and animations. You may choose a completely custom designed site or from thousands of customizable per-packaged templates.

Web Design that Inspires

Iconix Marketing is a full-service Houston web design and graphic arts company that supports your website in every way from major redesigns to quick tune-up adjustments under the hood. We use state-of-the-art HTML 5, CSS and Flash to capture the essence of your business in an online message that underscores your brand. Should you want to re-purpose that message into other mediums like print, we can do that too.

Why choose a Houston web design company? Because if you’re a small business located in the Houston area, you need a website service team that knows what attracts Houston-based customers, a highly selective group whose openness is too often mistaken by outsiders for a lack of sophistication. A Houston web design team won’t make that mistake.

A Houston web design company knows where you live, where your neighbors live, and where their neighbors live. This extended network is your prospective customer base and they speak their own language. A Houston web design company knows the lingo.

A Houston web design company is familiar with the websites that already exist for other Houston businesses, restaurants, boutiques, print shops, real estate brokers. We’re not going to unwittingly provide you with duplicate content that’s going to trap your customers on another planet.

Local search markets respond best to local keywords. A Houston web design company knows precisely what those words are. Do you really want a company that thinks “Gallo” is a type of cheap red wine? We didn’t think so.

If a website goes up on the Internet and nobody sees it, is it really there? A Houston web design firm knows how to promote your website through face time and plenty of it – with other clients, business associates, neighbors, friends, and church acquaintances. If a Houston web designer creates your website, he or she is going to let Houston hear about it, and everybody knows that word of mouth is the best form of promotion.

Your Houston web design team has a vested interest in helping your website and your business thrive. We’ll update you with all the latest information about the newest tweaks, bells and whistles, and functionality designed to increase your market share in the Houston area. Your Houston web design firm is only a local phone call away and we’re happy to meet with you at a moment’s notice. Communication is just easier when you share the same area code.

Most important of all, though, by hiring a Houston web design team, you’re keeping your money in the Houston area which helps your own community prosper and grow.

Iconix Marketing is proud to be a Houston web design.

The best web design is properly designed including:

  • Is attractive and eye catching.
  • Promotes a professional business image.
  • Helps develop a strong and lasting brand.
  • Generates new leads.
  • Provides current and potential customers with easily accessible information.
  • Increases revenue and helps reach sale goals.
  • Provides information to the public.

In addition to web design, we offer web hosting and maintenance plans at nominal prices, typically 50% less than our competitors, to help assure that your website will remain updated and modern. We also offer email marketing campaigns designed to fit your sales goals and consulting on effective blogging and internet networking. The combination of these services with uniform design and branding will help your business reach the next level. Please contact us for a complimentary website consultation to determine your specific needs and goals. We take pride in offering our customers unique design that unifies creativity with marketing and sales goals.

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