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Can Your Customers Find Your Website?

Now that you have a website, it is very important, a necessity really, to maintain your website at a professional level. Iconix Marketing, your local Houston web design company, knows that Google and other search engines love to index sites that are always evolving and well maintained. So we have come up with the following packages to help your web presence stay current and fresh.

In today’s world, companies need to learn to use SEO. Houston companies who must compete with so many others must pay special attention to this technique. When choosing a firm to operate SEO, Houston SEO companies should be sure to select a business that is knowledgeable and willing to change. SEO — Houston-based SEO included — is changing. When they are looking for companies that will conduct their SEO, Houston-based business owners must ensure they find a company that is on the cutting edge of SEO. Houston companies have many firms to choose from, but not all of these companies are equal.

Houston companies need to learn how to use SEO

Cost is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to SEO. Houston-based businesses can quickly end up spending a large portion of their income on SEO. Houston business owners who do not know much about SEO are especially at risk. Why? Because it is not uncommon for some companies to charge much more than is fair for SEO. Houston-based business owners need to look at the going rates and choose a company that is not taking advantage of them when it comes to paying for SEO. Houston business owners must also be careful to choose a professional for SEO. Houston teens and college students are notorious for offering amateur SEO services that they pass off as professional services. While these amateurs may know something about SEO, Houston business owners must understand that the difference between a teen doing your SEO and a professional completing this task is the same as the difference between an occasional teenage babysitter and a full-time nanny.

Another issue that business owners must consider is location. Many firms try to save money by contracting with cut-rate providers throughout the nation when it comes to SEO. Houston-based businesses are almost always a better choice, however. When Houston business owners support local businesses, they help stimulate the economy. Additionally, they ensure that a conversation can take place whenever there are problems with the service that is being delivered.

Localized Houston SEO is important to Houston businesses, but businesses must make good SEO firm choices.

SEO can work for you, and this is how we help.

  • Keyword Analysis – We perform an analysis to determine the top keywords in your industry.
  • Keywords / Search Phrases – The number of keywords we will use to optimize your website.
  • Pages Optimized – The number of pages we will optimize on your website using those keywords.
  • Safe Methods / White Hat Techniques – We will only use Google approved SEO methods and stay away from techniques that could damage future rankings or get your website blacklisted from search engines.
  • Tech Support – Clients will have access to our online support forums 24/7 and have questions on that forum answered by a professional web developer.
  • Analytics Reports – A Google analytics account will be setup and Google analytics implemented on your website allowing you to track visitors and keyword trends.
  • Code Optimization – Unlike many other SEO optimization companies, we will optimize your website code for you.
  • Developer – The number of web developers that will be assigned to your website for perform maintenance. The more developers working on your website means less turnaround time.
  • Hours of Maintenance – The number of hours we will work on your website each month without additional charges.
  • Additional Work Discount – This is the amount of discount applied to any additional work that extends over the hours of maintenance offered.

Google PPC Management: Using AdWords $400 + Spend

AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform and main source of revenue. In PPC Google marketing, advertisers use AdWords to bid on the keywords they want to trigger their sponsored ads. Google chooses ads to be displayed and the ads’ position based on each user’s maximum bid and Quality Score.

  • Monthly Spending
  • Key Word Research
  • Key Word Expansion
  • Ad Creation
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)
  • Click to Call Implementation
  • Google Analytics Goal Tracking
  • Monthly PPC Consultations

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